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Our Story

Rich Auntie Supreme is a space to celebrate and be in community with those women who choose a journey of being childfree and indulgence in the villages around them. The journey of being childfree was a choice we've made with joy and expectation. We recognize that not being a mother doesn't mean that we cant relish in being a nurturing part of the villages among us. We enjoy being "auntie" to our littles: biological or not! This is not the space for those who chose to be childfree due to not being a fan of children. We definite the term rich to reflect the abundance we have in a variety of ways due to our to our choice to be child-free: we are often (not always)..... rich in time, rich in rest, rich in travel, rich in space, rich in spontaneity, ......etc. We value the added opportunity to show up in various ways to the community around us including nurturing up and nurturing across. We are socially conscious in being able to spend our time and effort in unique ways as a result of being a child-free adult. We find no shame in celebrating what it means to live a childfree life. We don't whisper our decision we live It out with the same joy and pride that others get to have in their own life decisions.

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